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Full disclosure, I'm a born-again Christian who believes in the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the meanwhile, let's discussion the question that relates both to politics and biblical prophecy. So just where is America in Bible prophecy? Are we the young lion cub or the people in the distant isles? Is United States the daughter of Babylon? Why hasn't God brought judgment on the United States? So many questions. A few years ago I was introduced to Chuck Missler's book "Learn the Bible in 24 Hours." Dr. Missler states that it's impossible learn the Bible in 24 years much less 24 hours. Nevertheless, his book is a very good survey of the Bible and I recommended it. Nearly two years ago I spent hours on the Internet listening to various commentaries that Dr. Missler had recorded over the years. From that I did a springboard into his online Christian think tank, Koinonia Institute. I've been a member there for over two and as I tell my fellow classmates it's a lifeline to the real world.

I remain in this world but not of it except for the times that I really feel like I should get back in and be politically incorrect thus the blog The Politically Incorrect Club It seems like this country is on a collision course with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I often say our country is guilty of the trifecta of activities that God condemns. Homosexuality is a sin and it is not hate speech to say so. Second in the trifecta is unfettered abortion. People talk about a woman's right to the her body, this is just code word for abortion. And then there is throwing Israel under the bus.
So in addition to this blog I have a long neglected blog, The Politically Incorrect Club. Eventually I will move my more PI posting to this blog. Then there is my original blog, sallycp for odds and ends.

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