Sunday, November 11, 2012

What is Compartmentalism and how does it work? What is the main problem with it? I604-01-3

Compartmentalism is to separate into distinct parts, categories, or compartments. One of the sources that I looked up talked about Compartmentalism as being akin to schizophrenia. In medical terms Compartment Syndrome is a condition in which a muscle swells but is constricted by the connective tissue around it, which cuts off blood supply to the muscle. I understand that this constriction causes considerable physical pain. I suspect that when we compartmentalize our lives it causes us emotional pain.

Compartmentalism often is the modus operandi for many Christians, being totally committed to Jesus inwardly but not so much so in public. One of the criticisms that I've made about Christians is that so many form prayer groups and Bible studies where they reinforce each other almost to the point of it being a Kumbaya moment. Now before I get criticized for that statement let me say that in my opinion, small groups are the future of the church. I have belonged to a number of Bible studies and prayer groups, however and again in my opinion, more Christians should move beyond their comfort zone and be more aggressive in their witness.

There is the compartment that holds my love for Jesus and the Word of God. I'm ashamed to admit the years I hid Jesus in my little Christian compartment because I didn't have the courage of my convictions and didn't want to Cause dissension. Now I have such a sense of urgency that I stopped worrying about stepping on people's toes for the most part but then time to time I still confine myself in my little compartment. I'm finding that the more I grow in knowledge about the Word and how its validity is reinforced through courses at KI the less I confine my witness to my little compartment. I work at being watchman on the wall and kicking the sides out of my compartment.

And then there's the compartment in my life called family duty. In January of this year I gave up a fulfilling life to come and help care for my mother for an indefinite period of time. In the family duty compartment of my life I'm very conflicted between love and duty to my mother and wanting my own life back. I have to manage a positive attitude for my mother. On one hand I'm less than happy and on the other I feel very guilty for being unhappy. I suspect that this is having an adverse effect on my health. I passed the Biblical age of three score and 10 last year and I’m a polio survivor for 65 years.

As I compartmentalize my Christian life and family duty I internalized the stress of being so conflicted. That said, it is wonderful to know that I have God to depend on. While God is the main thing that is getting me through this trying time, KI certainly is a major support.

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